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Unlocking the Secret Behind Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ: A Flavorful Journey in Orlando

December 8, 2023

If you’ve ever visited Orlando, you’ll know that the city is teeming with dining options. However, if you’re craving something smoky, tender, and downright delicious, then look no further than Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ at Sunset Walk. But what exactly makes our Memphis-style BBQ stand out? Well, we’re here to offer you an insider’s perspective on what makes Memphis BBQ special and share some of the unique tenderizing techniques we use at Lizzie’s.

The 4 Pillars of Regional BBQ

When it comes to BBQ, four regional styles reign supreme: Texas, Carolina, Kansas, and Memphis. Each brings its own unique approach to smoking, grilling, and flavoring the meat.

The Unique Flavor Profile of Memphis Style BBQ

Unlike other styles that may use glazes or sauces during cooking, Memphis-style BBQ is all about the dry rub. A blend of herbs, spices, sugar, salt, and other seasonings coat the meat before it hits the smoker. The pitmaster’s ultimate aim is to smoke the meat for an extended period, typically using Hickory wood, to ensure the meat becomes tender and soaks in those delectable smoky flavors. The primary focus here is on pork — especially spare ribs and baby back ribs. But don’t overlook the sauces — Memphis BBQ sauces are tangy, slightly sweet, and often feature a vinegar or mustard base.

Top Tips for Tenderizing Your Meat

Achieving mouthwatering tenderness in your BBQ is an art form. At Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ, we use a range of ingredients to tenderize our meat:

  • Tomato Sauce: Adds a rich and tangy undertone.
  • Salt: Breaks down muscle fibers, resulting in tender meat.
  • Tea: Yes, you read that right! Tea contains tannins that tenderize meat.
  • Vinegar: Acts as a strong tenderizer while adding a hint of zest.
  • Citrus: Adds a tropical flair and breaks down muscle fibers.
  • Mustard: Used at Lizzie’s for tenderizing our Pork and Brisket;, it adds a zesty kick.
  • Ginger: Provides a unique flavor while tenderizing the meat.
  • Pineapple Juice: Our secret for ultra-tender ribs; the enzymes in pineapple juice break down protein.

Your Invitation to Flavor Town

Memphis Style BBQ is not just a meal; it’s an experience. From the flavorful dry rubs to the slow smoking process, every bite is a testament to the skill and care of the pitmaster. And let’s not forget the variety of delicious side dishes that complement the BBQ.

So, if you find yourself in Orlando, don’t miss the chance to get your fill of the best BBQ and southern sides at Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ at Sunset Walk. Not only will you enjoy an unforgettable meal, but you’ll also leave with the know-how to try our tenderizing techniques in your own kitchen!

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