Summer Grilling: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

July 1, 2024

Summer is a time for enjoying delicious dishes with friends and family in-between adventures, and BBQ meals are perfect for the season. Learn to master the art of grilling food for BBQ parties by knowing what gives your dishes the right flavor, as well as what cooking style will make friends and family eager to dive in. If you don’t want to do all the cooking, take the gang to Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ and let the professionals serve up great food while you create wonderful memories.

As Lizzie says, “Smoke only the good stuff” with this guide to summer grilling and hosting for BBQ parties.

1. Charcoal Or Gas

Cook with charcoal to infuse that wonderful smoky flavor in your meals. This style can be slower since the grill isn’t ready for the food until the charcoal has burned into coals, but the time spent waiting makes the food unforgettable. Gas grills are ready more quickly so you can dish out the deliciousness faster to your hungry gang, and gas grills are often larger and can cook for bigger groups easier.

2. Sauces and Seasoning

While sauces and seasoning add extra flavor to your meals, the right application is key. Sauce BBQ ribs and other dishes towards the end of the cooking process to keep the flavor, and sauces with low sugar can help avoid burning the meat. Season your meals lightly to avoid damaging the meat fibers so that the meat’s texture is just right.

3. Cooking Ribs

When it comes to making your ribs just as tasty as the ribs at Lizzie’s BBQ, the indirect cooking method is the way to go. Cook the ribs slowly, typically several hours, to keep them soft and easy to eat. High temperatures can result in dry ribs and an unpleasant eating experience, while lower temperatures will keep the juices that make ribs one of the most popular BBQ meals.

Half-roast chicken and cheeseburger entrees at Lizzie's BBQ

4. Cooking Burgers

Mastering the art of timing is key for cooking the best burgers. Grill medium burgers for eight minutes, medium-well burgers for nine minutes, and well-done burgers for 10 minutes, and any longer runs the risk of burning them to a crisp. Indent the top of raw patties when they start to get puffy so that your favorite toppings don’t fall off and they stay on a leveled surface.

5. Grilling Vegetables

Vegetables can be just as delicious as the BBQ meals with the right grilling strategy. The direct cooking method is preferred in this category, so keep the veggies directly over the heat source at high temperatures for both charcoal and gas grills. Whether you’re cooking corn, asparagus, peppers, or onions, the veggies will avoid sticking to the grill or drying out while keeping the same deliciousness as the rest of your plate.

6. Bone-In and Boneless Wings

Cooking your chicken wings to be on the same level as the fan favorite wings of Lizzie’s BBQ depends on the type of wings you are dealing with. Boneless wings are best grilled with the direct method since they finish quickly, which can come in handy for keeping large groups from getting hungry. The indirect method is preferable for bone-in wings to avoid burnt meals and to create savory flavors.

Become a grill master and the top choice for the BBQ party host among your friends and family. The direct and indirect grilling methods keep different dishes in the tastiest of conditions, and knowing when to use charcoal and gas grills will make you a BBQ legend. Add sauces and seasoning at the right time and pace and everyone will rave about your mad cooking skills.

In case you want to leave the grilling to the experts, place an order (opens in a new tab) at Lizzie’s BBQ today and treat your friends and families to delicious meals.

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