The Complete Guide to BBQ Ribs Etiquette for Beginners

February 1, 2024

When you are visiting Orlando, do not miss your chance to try out delicious baby back ribs, whether you’ve devoured hundreds of them or this is your first dive into these delectables. Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ has you covered with our delicious ribs, and we can help you enjoy the meal for lunch or dinner properly.

BBQ ribs come with a mess that is rare with other dishes, so you will need a strategy to stay clean while eating. Getting the most out of ribs requires certain handling, and with the right sauce application, your meal gets an upgrade.

Lizzie’s BBQ is here to ensure you are properly introduced to the world of ribs. Here is the complete guide to BBQ ribs etiquette for beginners.

1. Handling Ribs

Ribs are among the BBQ foods that you don’t always require utensils to enjoy, which gives you more time with your meal. However, the way you hold your ribs can determine how much meat you get to enjoy.

The best technique for ribs is to hold each end of the bone with one hand so that you are not covering any meat. Holding onto the bones also reduces the amount of sauce and food you get on your hands.

2. Staying Clean

While the lack of a need for utensils makes ribs more fun to eat, it also leaves you open to a messy meal. Ribs are popular for leaving eaters with faces and clothes covered in sauce, no matter how many you eat.

Lizzie’s BBQ ensures that all of our guests are supplied with enough napkins to keep their faces and outfits stain-free without having to sacrifice a delicious meal. What you wear while eating ribs can also determine how messy your meal gets, so we recommend rolling up your sleeves, especially if you are wearing causal attire or anything above.

3. Sauce Application

If you are looking for ways to add flavor to your ribs, the right sauces can help. Lizzie’s BBQ offers a variety of sauces to help upgrade your lunch or dinner, whether you need something tangy or something sweet.

When it comes to applying sauces to your ribs, this is one time in which forks can come in handy so that you can dip your rib meat and keep your fingers out of the sauce, and we advise using a side dish for sauce to keep each part of your meal properly positioned. Using small amounts of sauce is also preferrable to drenching all of your ribs so that you can still experience distinguished tastes.

Loin back ribs from Lizzie’s Memphis BBQ

4. Pace for Eating

The look and smell of ribs can make them tempting to devour in a few bites, especially ours. However, the tender meat and flavors of ribs make them a filling meal, which can make them harder to savor.

The best approach is to take small bites while eating ribs, even if you order a large rack. This strategy will make it easier to appreciate every bit of your ribs, especially if you are trying it for the first time.

5. Sharing Ribs

Do you plan on visiting Orlando with friends or family and taking your group out for some Memphis Style BBQ meals? Lizzie’s BBQ ensures that you will have a reliable supply of ribs when you eat with us.

No matter how big of an order of ribs you have, sharing your ribs gives each person in your group the chance to enjoy this meal. Even if someone in your group doesn’t order ribs, offering some of your ribs can ensure no one at your table misses out.


Whether you are new to baby back ribs or want to try new flavors, Lizzie’s BBQ will keep you satisfied. Call us today to reserve your table and chow down on some ribs.

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