Top 5 Events Lizzie’s BBQ Catering Makes Perfect

January 1, 2024

Do you have a special event coming up? Treat your guests to a delicious feast with Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ. We’ve got you covered for any special event with our smoky, tender meals.

Order for occasions involving 20 or more guests for pickup or delivery so that you can choose the location for the special day. Whether you want to enjoy Memphis Style BBQ with family, friends, or both, Lizzie’s can meet your needs.

We aim to provide a genuine BBQ experience, whether you are new to this style of cooking or want to introduce others to it. Here are the top 5 events Lizzie’s BBQ catering makes perfect.

1. Family Dinners

One element of a successful small or large get-together with relatives is a meal that makes everyone happy. Lizzie’s menus provide food for both adults and kids so that everyone in your family can enjoy your dinner.

Whether you are reuniting with relatives you haven’t seen in a while or are celebrating a family member’s milestone, our dishes can help. BBQ meals will also suit the occasion if you are hosting your family dinner outside.

2. Holiday Parties

Do you plan on hosting a holiday party in the near future and want to save time and money on cooking meals for the occasion? In this case, Lizzie’s catering service can help you relax by providing food for all your guests.

Our starters and sides ensure that everyone at your party can celebrate the event with full plates piled as high as you would make yourself. You can also request certain meals based on the holiday you are celebrating.

3. Corporate Events

Another use for catering services that benefits from variety is corporate events, whether it’s for company cafeterias or corporate dinners. This is also an opportunity to improve or maintain your work environment.

If BBQ meals are not common for your typical corporate events, then this is an opportunity to make your next occasion more interesting. With Lizzie’s menu, there is enough variety to satisfy everyone on your team.

4. Weddings

Catering services are a reliable source of dishes when it comes to celebrating a wedding, and ours is no different. Our menus can match the needs of a large guest list that typically comes with such an occasion.

With Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ, you can create a theme for the celebration if you have not already done so. Since we offer catering for 20 or more guests, you won’t have to worry about feeding everyone for your wedding party.

5. Birthday Parties

If you or a loved one has a birthday coming up and are looking for a different way to make it fun, then Lizzie’s is the way to go. Our BBQ meals are perfect for birthday parties that will be hosted outside in perfect Florida weather.

Birthdays for both adults and kids are suitable for our catering thanks to our menus being designed for all ages. Our dessert menu ensures that you can treat yourself to more than the typical birthday sweets.


No matter the celebration you have in mind, Lizzie’s catering will make it memorable. Contact us today and improve any event with our delicious meals.

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